Byobu Apartment

Byobu Apartment

Partial renovation project of a small apartment in the neighborhood of Poblesec, Barcelona.


A wooden folding wall marks the heartbeat of life in this small apartment located in the Poblesec neighborhood of Barcelona.

Its owner is a professional who had been longing for years to spend more time out of the city, and to use this urban dwelling only a few days a week.

The arrival of the pandemic accelerated his plans.


The renovation project had a clear starting point: it had to be highly versatile in order to be able to adapt to the changing needs of the residents.

On the one hand, there was the need to include a young member of the family, who was moving to the city to start university. In addition, there was the possibility of renting the house in the future, and the renovation had to consider this possibility.


In order to meet all these needs, it was necessary to have two bedrooms and rooms flexible enough to adapt to future uses.

In order to achieve this flexibility it was essential to reinvent the pieces of the spaces, to give them the necessary versatility.

This is where the idea of the folding wall, Byobu, integrated into the new furniture comes from.


The folding wall allows the living room to be easily transformed into a bedroom, while ensuring independence between rooms by creating a separate entrance for the kitchen and bathroom. The vertical cuts of the different wall panels allow light to circulate freely between the kitchen and living areas, without losing the intimate connection between the different spaces.


To delimit the perimeter of the kitchen, a combination of materials and tones was used: a brown floor and green furniture, which establish a harmonious dialogue with the wood and white of the rest of the house, and accentuate its cozy, warm and versatile character.

City Barcelona

Floor Area 45m²

Usage Residence

Year 2021

Photography Antonella Spaccini

Text Belen Ginart

Video of the project photos (Before & After)

3D modeling video

Original Floor Plan

Project Floor Plan

3D Plan

From the entrance

From Living Room

From Dining Room

From Kitchen