Beyond the stairs

Beyond the stairs

A total renovation project of a three-story house with a garden at the sloping plot on the outskirts of Barcelona. Redistribution and redefinition of the space inside and outside and existing facilities. A large opening with a garden view was established in the ground floor, through a transparent staircase passing from the entrance, and facilitating natural light from the calm east. On the 1st floor, the study & corridor connecting to the family bedroom and the bathroom with an opening window in the upper part of the corridor provides natural light and east-west cross ventilation. In the basement, we redefined the shape of the existing indoor pool, creating a private space, a bedroom for visitors and a service space adapted to the owner´s needs. The interior decoration is a combination on white color and harmonious color tone combination of black and oak wood with intrinsic materials – concrete, wood, iron and rock. Heat exchangers (fan coil) and solar panels with water heat sources for air conditioning and floor heating using remote control system to visualize entire energy consumption of whole building was used to reduce the total energy consumption of the building.

City Barcelona

Floor Area 410m²

Usage Residence

Year 2018

Photography Jose Hevia

Project floor plan

P0 + P1 + P-1A + P-1B